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  • Kel / 07 July 2021 / 12:03 PM

    This same number (833-453-0890) was left in my voicemail. I called back and they asked me if I had an attorney. Told me that I owed money to some company I have never heard of...and unfortunately had a lot of information about me (address, bank name and employer). I did not give them any info and told the person that I will be reporting them to the FTC. I hung up and they proceeded to try to call me back 2 more times.

  • Nikki / 28 May 2021 / 12:45 PM

    I got a call from a different # an 773 area code that called my back to back until I answered (which is illegal for a collections agency to do). A lady stated that she was from a delivery service and they have a package for me from NRB & Associates and needed to call them to verify my address. She gave me 833-453-0890. I have seen they number pop up on my caller ID before. I know this was a collection agency that had "OFFICER WHITE" leave messages on my phone threatening to deliver a subpoena to me and have my ID ready and no dogs loose. UMMM I have been served before they do not let you know they are coming. What this company doing is illegal!!! I have blocked there numbers and I guess they found other ways around it. I spoke to them YEARS ago about what debit they are calling me about. A Payday loan from 10years ago. I asked them to send my paperwork proving the debt. They told me they would email it to me!!! Of course I received NOTHING. This is a 3rd party "Collection" agency or ra

  • Niki / 01 April 2021 / 02:38 PM

    Called me multiple times stating that I needed to sign a Document or contact A j. Shelly or Elice.... They then gave me the 833 number. They quickly hung up when they heard other officers over the Walkie Talkies at my job speak... Such scams

  • Stubbs / 10 February 2021 / 01:23 PM

    They sent a text saying they were NRB, and that they had documents for my husband that required his signature. I needed to call and confirm his address or have our legal representative call them. They also gave a delivery number to reference. The text came from 442-333-6285

  • Dan / 03 December 2020 / 12:05 PM

    This number was left as a call back number in a voicemail i received from a local Las Vegas number 775-434-1272 stating that charges were being filed against me and the proper authorities were involved with this matter and can land me in jail. The same number called my wife with the same threats. When I called this person back, Brandon didnt want to work with me because I threatend to file charges of intimidation while trying to collect a debt and he hung up on me. Scammers suck!

  • Leslie / 01 December 2020 / 02:17 PM

    Claim to be RV & Assoc. There is a case in there office that requires my immediate attention. The call comes in from a local number, 402-817-7709 which is a law firm... family law. I'm certain they have spoofed the number. I was sued once. I received a legal notice that I had to sign for. I have had "legal cases" in which I received these calls. These are scams. Learn from my $350 hourly attorney consultation on how to spot a scam. Do not fall for this! These people are expert con-artists and they have done their homework! Also, I have been notified that my info has been leaked in a data breach and have had to change all my passwords. So, if you are getting these calls (these people or others) change passwords, don't save them, make all passwords different. I know it's a pain, but necessary in today's world! And remember, never send anyone money. If there is a legal case against you, they will NOT call you!!

  • Aw / 24 November 2020 / 02:23 PM

    Says they have a case file with my name on it. Informed me to call to speak with a legal attorney. This type of scams happen from data breaches and sharing of people's information. Until something is done about thee sharing and sales of information. Calls like this will always happen.

  • Nikki / 05 November 2020 / 12:11 PM

    Got a call from J. Shelley explaining I owed money and could be charged with fraud. I told him I need to talk with my attorney and to get advise and I would call back. When I called back I spoke with D. Pierce, who said she was a legal assistant and refused to let me speak to Mr. Shelley. I asked her to send me the information in writing as my attorney asked me to do; she refused and said a processor will come to my work and give the documents I ask for. I continued to ask questions, however, she just spoke over me. Eventually, she said "Good Luck" and hung up on me. I spoke with my attorney who believes this is a SCAM. If I get served, he will handle it, but believed I would receive nothing. If you get a call from them, do not give them information, talk with a lawyer and learn your rights.

  • DA / 22 October 2020 / 01:07 PM

    Got VM from Lisa stating she is a process server and will bring law enforcement to get signature or I can call #833-453-0890 to get a stop notice issued. I have no idea what this is! I did not call #.

  • DUKES / 22 October 2020 / 11:53 AM

    someone text me staying if i have contact with the person they are looking to please call them and let them know. also a legal matter to call this number. who in the name of god will do this. smh scam written all over 833--453-0887

  • Katie / 20 October 2020 / 03:38 PM

    Got voicemail lady name Renae stated she was a process server and will be accompanied by officers to bring legal documents left number for 833 number. I called back and it's on an Automatic voicemail stating the same message. It's a scam. May God expose whoever these people are in Jesus name. Preying on innocent people.

  • Lola / 15 October 2020 / 10:50 PM

    They said they are legal people who are trying to look for a family member an just by who they are talking you can tell that they have look the person up on the internet. If they are going to sue you! You will get a letter from the firm office!!! Not a phone call

  • ED / 30 September 2020 / 08:52 AM

    A voicemail left stating they are escorted by law and will get a signature. The person said their name was Jack but, sounds like a female voice. I have no reason to be process served. How are you going to "make me sign" something. I also looked up area code of 833 and there's no such listing to any state. Scammers!

  • SD / 16 September 2020 / 05:56 PM




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