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  • BB / 17 May 2021 / 11:55 AM

    I got the same call and same message like you all it’s a total spam , weird thing they were calling but said my dads first and last name .. threw me off a little but googled the number under the voicemail and found all of this . (Unknown blocked caller )

  • VansaJ / 12 May 2021 / 03:34 PM

    Received voicemails to myself and my 80 year old mother from "Emily Allen" from the phone number 833-575-1652 This is what she says: "This message is intended for XXX, my name is Emily Allen and I am an independent process server...serving legal documents attached to your name and social security number. I will be making several attempts to serve you at your current residence or place of employment tomorrow May 12 between the hours of 3-5pm. If I can't reach her at either of these locations, this will be documented as a direct refusal to comply and you will miss your court date and the proceedings will continue without you. If you have any questions or need to reschedule for arrival, contact the filing party's office directly at 833-575-1652 in reference to case file C2842. You have officially been notified I will be out between 3 and 5 tomorrow so plan accordingly" Its complete BS of course. I am a lawyer and process servers will never call you to schedule an appt, they work o

  • Jolly Jane / 11 May 2021 / 11:23 AM

    Also wanted to add, I was able to uncover the blocked number with my iPhone and it’s a number from South Africa. The “server” said her name was Emily Allen and she spoke very robotic and monotone

  • Jolly Jane / 10 May 2021 / 05:28 PM

    Got threatening phone calls from a blocked number supposedly wanting to send me legal documents. The crazy thing is they have also been calling my family members. I looked up the number I’m supposed to call back and I see other people reporting similar issues. I feel a lot better about ignoring these calls

  • FoxtrotUmbrella / 24 April 2021 / 05:16 PM

    SCAM!! Called MANY,MANY times,, using blocked numbers. At least 2x a month, for nearly a year now. Leaving treatening messages stating I'm being served tomorrow at home or my job. Funny, the guy leaves a time frame & says "you better be there". Lol! I'm here, waiting! SCAM! I did call the number they left. I was told they were collecting on a CC from 2011! Asked them to send me docs, because nothing this dude said was adding up. He accused me of lying & getting out of paying a bill (less than $200) I told him over & over again that I was a victim of ID theft (True story) & I wasn't paying on anything that was not mine. And made it very clearer his sales pitch sounded like a scam. A legit deft collector will send you an outline of your debt/bill. Dude started yelling & accusing me of lying. I asked him once again, pls send me info so I can properly handle it. He legit went bat shit crazy, screaming at the top of his lungs, using extremely foul language & calling me vulgar names.

  • Jay Dot / 22 April 2021 / 02:36 PM

    Called under a blocked number threatening to come “pick me up” there’s a way on an iPhone to uncover blocked numbers. I called the number back twice to go straight to voicemail and to hear a very vulgar voicemail “greeting”.

  • Foxes / 21 April 2021 / 02:39 PM

    Vauge leagal serving call. Made up case reference number. Name Thomas Andersen



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