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  • Unknown / 09 January 2020 / 03:46 PM

    Lady called with reference #1142855 to tell me that I had to call within the hour otherwise papers would be sent out again. Apparently they've been sent and I've been unreachable. In fact, she asked for a name I haven't used in over 10 years. I told her I moved and that I had a forwarding address but I call this a total scam!!

  • Jrob / 14 December 2019 / 12:50 AM

    Always calling asking for my ssn so they can give me paperwork. SCAM SCAM SCAM

  • mediation with paralegal services (hahaha) / 12 December 2019 / 04:32 PM

    these people called my mother with a refer# 724415 stating they needed to send paper work to my house but couldn't say what for. She said they were from a law firm. when i called back they said they were a mediation with paralegal services....total bs.

  • cell number / 04 December 2019 / 05:08 PM

    Called to see if someone over the age of 18 would be home to sign for papers of someone who hasn't lived at this address for many years. Asked them to give me the address of where they were going to serve paperwork and she didn't have access to any information only that someone was going to be served.

  • Unknown/Firm / 03 December 2019 / 06:57 PM

    Received a call about 3 weeks ago claiming that my vehicle will be taken if I didn't pay on a bank account that was opened in 2005. Advised the person that I do not owe any accounts through BEST BANK. Advised not to call again that I would be seeking legal action. My minor son received a call today from this same number stating that they are going to sue him but didn't provide the reason why and stated that he will be served papers from the courts. Every person that I spoke with can't give me a name of the company. If this is a valid company why can't anyone provide the name of the company. Almost every family member associated with the home address has been contacted and no one can give any valid answers.



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