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  • another annoyed person / 03 November 2021 / 04:42 PM

    Been receiving calls stating to call back with a reference number or they will come to my house since I have not replied to any of the "certified" documents. Have never rec'd any notice of any kind of certified documents or letters and I work from home so I am here all day long everyday. But they called from a 615 number. Always the same voice that leaves the voicemails and when I call the number back they want my personal info before they can tell me what the call is in regards to. Nope. Not giving any info to them...if they have been trying to serve certified documents then they should have the info right???? SPAM SPAM SPAM!!!

  • SCAM/Oct 20th and 21st / 22 October 2021 / 11:55 AM

    Samantha Baker has called twice now saying my husband failed to call the "sender" on a certified document and that these phone calls are considered notification and that if he fails to contact the :sender" she will come to our address and his place of employment. The issue is there has been no attempt or notification in the mail regarding any certified document.

  • Tired of the SCAMS / 16 September 2021 / 07:47 PM

    Samantha Baker called my husband's number, a family friend's number, and left two voicemails on my phone stating that she was delivering documents for me to sign at my home. If I couldn't be reached at my home, she would bring them to my job. She left the number 1-833-915-2394; however, the call was from a 504 area code.

  • Mr. Reyes / 11 August 2021 / 02:21 PM

    Samantha Baker called in regards to documents that were forwarded to her office and she would make attempts to get them signed at the home address but if they were unsuccessful she would try the place of employment. The only problem is they called my sister in law that lives in a different state. I have no idea how they connected the both of us ( her phone # my name)

  • Annoyed Veteran / 17 July 2021 / 10:24 AM

    They called to say we need to sign documents. To call this number with a reference number. If they didn't hear back from me today she would be coming to my house and place of employment. I am 100% disabled through the VA so I guess she would come to my house 2x bc I don't work.



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